Data policy

We have a policy for the handling of personal data. The policy is clarified in the following. Should you have comments or questions about our data policy, you are most welcome to contact us using the "Contact" link at the bottom of every page of this website. The data policy states how we gather, protect and use the personal informations given when using the accounting system.

We fully respect any wish or demand about the secrecy of personal data gathered in the course of registering and using the accounting system. The term personal data covers any information which can be used to identify a person. This covers, in full, first and last name, email address or other contact information given when using the system.
The betting accounting system, which is the actual product on this website, can not be used without identification of the single user, since all use has been personalised to the user.

Gathered information

We need to gather information about the user. Without these, the system is not functional.

We commit to only gather the personal informations which are necessary, in order to supply the product. All data and information given and created through registering and use of the system will be fully deleted, when the user wishes to terminate the use of the system. We will never attempt to aqcuire further information about the user from a third party.

Data - access, gathering and storing

The accounting system is 100% developed by Betwatcher, a trade name under Enovator Online Media Ltd., Malta, who thereby owns/is responsible of the system and the maintenance of the codes and data structures etc.

The personal login information is specific to the single user. This information will not be accessed by the administrators/supporters of the accounting system without the full accept of the user, ie. in a situation requiring technical support.

The personal information will only be made available to third parties, in the event that we need to seek a third party for technical support.

Gathered information and data under the use of the accounting system is stored in a database.

Security measures have been taken, in order to protect the data against any type of destruction and against the data being known or abused by any third party.

The data is not kept or transmitted by encryption, but all personal data are protected against any trespassing. Herunder by firewall, etc.

Every 12 hours a back up of the database is made. The back up data is treated under the same data policy as the initial copy.

Use of cookies

Apart from the entered information during normal use of the accounting system, this website use cookies for storing information. The cookies identifies not the user, but the users computer.

Cookies are, in this case, used to enhance the use and interaction with the accounting system, ie. by remembering your login.

The use of cookies does not compromise your security during use of the website. You can, through your browser, reject any cookie, but this may cause the system not to function properly. For instance you would need to log in at every visit. A cookie is stored on your local computer for a maximum of 365 days.

Beside the use of cookies, we will at every visit, collect information about the browser, operative system, host and URL.

Regarding Ad Servers

We have no partnership or collaboration with any third party ad server companies.


If you wish to take use of your right to know exactly what information our system hold on you, or if you wish to be removed completely from the system, you can contact us through the "Contact" link at the bottom of every page on this website.

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